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Visionary Leaders of Tomorrow in Preventive Health Care

Keeping our focus persistent and fixated on preventive health care, Ayush Plus Healthcare is now a recognized name for primary medical care services in India. 

In simple words, preventive health care consists of frequent health checkups, screening, consultations to avoid and restrict the cause of health-related issues. However, the awareness and affordability of preventive health care in India are both challenging and, at times, can cost a fortune. 

To turn the course of events and bring a better tomorrow, Ayush Plus Healthcare has facilitated preventive health care services at affordable rates to countless patients around the year.

To satisfactorily cater to preventive health care services online and offline, we have designed three comprehensive health plans along with effective medical cards that cover your medical treatments, consultations, and even pharmacy bills.

We aim not just to cater services but also to make people aware and wise about medical adversities that can be avoided well ahead of time with consistent regulatory medical treatments and follow-ups. With a prideful establishment of a network having access to almost 14,000 medical experts across 38 cities in India, we are now a name eminence in the medical sector.

Our Vision

As a fortified institution for preventive health care in India, we envision reaching every household and redefining their experiences whenever undergoing medical treatments, thereby creating a stress-free environment for all.

Our Mission

Forging a name of the trust, our focused mission is not just catering to our dearest customers with advanced medical plans but also igniting a bright illumination of awareness on preventive health care and how it significantly changes the tomorrow if taken care of today.